The Furr – Folly – Audio

The Furr is a garage-blues project from Canada.

The Furr

The Furr

Having spent time attempting to congeal with other musicians and not getting the desired connectivity, in the past few months, akin to a warm bottle of ale having been shaken, the lid flew off the bottleneck resulting in a solo artist revealing a slew of material, both as singles and albums, which hurtles through the speakers in frothing frustration with the most recent reveal being the seven track LP Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory (available on bandcamp).

The conjoining of structured chords and grazing knuckles enables The Furr to deliver music of bruising ferocity which leave the listener with blue swellings around the eyes.

From the album Dr Lucifer & The Magic Factory the penultimate track is Folly.

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Two Herons – Your Home – Audio

The US garage-blues duo Two Herons released the LP Makin’ Peace on the 25th.

Two Herons

Two Herons

Before hitting play cast aside any aspersions of sophistication as Two Herons deliver music to be heard with every distortion and mistiming to be magnified and a sound that brings a joy to the heart.

By alternating vocals Two Herons are able to offer distinct palettes of paintbrush in which to delightedly spend an approximately forty two minutes in their company.

The opening song is Your Home which abstractly contains a strong footing in the roots reggae of Gregory Isaacs combining with chanteuse thereby, inevitably, making it my pick of the release.

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