Billionaire – World Loves A Trier – Audio

The English electro-lofi project centred around John SterryBillionaire – releases the EP Cheap Credit on the 31st.



From the forthcoming EP – the penultimate of the five tracks – World Loves A Trier has a mystical presence that hangs in the air long after the song has completed.

Those of longer stay may recollect the name John Sterry being first introduced back in 2009 as part of Gaoler’s Daughter and whilst over seven years have passed the distinctive voice still remains as recognisable and absorbing as ever was the case.

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Gaoler’s Daughter – Cordelia – video

Gaoler’s Daughter who I first reviewed back in 2009, seem like an appropriate first post on Emerging Indie Bands Blog, though there is little added value (at this moment) to send you to that first link as with the tech guys working on recovering the site all you will get is a 404 error.

Gaoler's Daughter - artwork for How To Make Time

Gaoler’s Daughter

More than that. Gaoler’s epitomise the trials and tribulations of connecting with me if you are an artist or a PR firm.

I fell out with Ben – the bands drummer for a year or so over some email or other about how I was meant to be excited that someone on the BBC had played their track and I still refuse point blank to review the new LP – How To Make Time –  as they want to dictate the tracks I could add with my review, rather than the tracks I rate.

But with the new look Emerging Indie Bands there is space for a new item without a full review of the release.

Gaoler’s  Daughter release their new lead single Cordelia tomorrow from the forthcoming LP How To Make Time and having had the opportunity to listen to the LP – the three tracks they are permitting for streaming do not do full justice to the LP as they are not the crowning glory, but when it finally makes it to the shelves I would certainly recommend adding it to your files.

For now – here is Cordelia.

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