Gallery 47 – Lefty – Audio

The English acoustic-folk project Gallery 47 is set to release the LP Bad Production on the 5th of May.

Gallery 47 - Lefty

Gallery 47 – Lefty

Underpinning the music is always a reflective of social mores, which are rarely pushed to forefront as Gallery 47 commentates with a wary eye on the world surrounding.

From the forthcoming LP Lefty casts brighter spotlight on starting point, with more explicit fulmination of structural imbalance.

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Gallery 47 – Some Of You Don’t Get It – Video

Gallery 47 – the English acoustic-rock project will be releasing the LP Clean later in the year.

Gallery 47 - Some Of You Don't Get It

Gallery 47 – Some Of You Don’t Get It

From the forthcoming album – Some Of You Don’t Get It showcases the combinations of vocal and instrumentation that marks out the style and layering by Gallery 47.

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Gallery 47 – Free Range – Video

The English acoustic-rock project Gallery 47 will be releasing the LP Clean in November.

Gallery 47 - Clean - artwork

Gallery 47 – Clean – artwork

Taken from the album Free Range, introduces a fuller line-up and the addition of electronic instrumentation to accompany the acoustic guitar and vocal for which Gallery 47 is better known.

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Gallery 47 – Invasion – Video

Gallery 47 is the vehicle for the English musician Jack Peachey to deliver his thoughts by way of music.

Gallery 47 - Invasion - artwork

Gallery 47 – Invasion – artwork

A new release, which came out on the 15th,  the single – Invasion – is being supported by a video and serves as an hors d’oeuvre to the forthcoming LP – All Will Be Well, on which the track is number seven of ten and is scheduled for release on the 15th September.

All Will Be Well – Gallery 47 is available on iTunes*


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