Soni Sfardati

Soni Sfardati is the improvisational duo of Enrico Cassia (Electric / acoustic guitar) and Antonio Quinci (Drums / Percussion) plus additional players as mood demands from Catania in Sicily.

Soni Sfardati - improvisation from Sicily

Soni Sfardati

Don’t anticipate settling back as you take a listen to Soni Sfardati who take the listener on a journey of experimentalism within a framework well recognised instruments. Leaving the listener bemused, but intrigued is a good marker of a band with something of value to add to the world of music and these two stretch incredulity to edges of elasticity, whilst remaining accessible.

One could easily imagine this as music to a modern art gallery, or a production of a new age theatre performance. There are few geographic boundaries to the material which pulls influences from The Middle East, North Africa and New York amongst others. Never easy on the listener Soni Sfardati travel a path which demands the audience wrestles with their brain, as unexpected refrains suddenly emerge from what seems to be a clear section of music.

The recent release of the nine track LP – Sāqiya – which is available on bandcamp, features the vocals of Gaia Mattiuzzi and this combination is well worth adding to the collection.


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