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The US fuzz-rock trio Youth On Soda release their début LP Apple Pie on the 26th.

Youth On Soda - Apple Pie - artwork

Youth On Soda – Apple Pie – artwork

Distorted waves of sound leap out of the speakers as Youth On Soda deliver their music which immediately on hitting play reflects of the reality of the world around with its inherent frustration as bass and percussion rattle at the bars of a cage with the ill-tempered guitar pacing furiously in every greater frenzy whilst the acerbic vocal comments on the straight-jacket by which the many are constrained. Yet somehow through it all – unearthing wry humour and the glimmer of light of a better future.

Having had the opportunity to listen to three of the tracks on the forthcoming album, I can attest this to be a wall of fuzz that holds for long attention and is best played as intended, loudly, to become fully immersed in the music. It comes as no surprise they have quickly secured regular live performance shows and with fortune Apple Pie will open their audience from the local scene to a more global support.

From the forthcoming release (available on bandcampToo Many is the second of the eight tracks.


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TrunkWeed from Baltimore in the USA is the fuzz-rock trio of Kyle Phass (Drums), Tucker Neil (Bass) and Brady Kelly (Vocals / Guitar / Synth).

TrunkWeed - Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed – Fuzz Rock from the USA

TrunkWeed deliver sounds that hark of open spaces and the listener can imagine themselves at a beach looking out to a hazy horizon as the trio combine reverb, echo, delay and fuzz. The percussion bounces around like a playful puppy whilst the bass maintains a steer as the guitars fluidly eases its way between sharp spikes of notes to mesmeric elongation to which the vocal strives to – nay successfully provides the cohesion. The light touches of synths affords the out-put its dreamy quality that finds the brain melting into the material.

The audience can listen whilst laying back on the lounger or get up and flail arms and body around and either way TrunkWeed provides music which adds to the joy of living.

Newly formed, TrunkWeed have made a great start with performances that belie the age of the band and it is of little surprise they are establishing a presence in the live circuit added to which they have made recordings available for those of us who don’t get the opportunity to see them on stage.

I look forward to keeping track of their development and future releases, which I am led to believe includes a live LP – one track of which I have had the opportunity to hear. I would not be surprised to find that a fourth player be added to the line-up as the synths give TrunkWeed an added dimension which with only the three is difficult to replicate on stage with only six arms available.

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Oliver Wilde

Oliver Wilde from Bristol in England is the alt-fuzz quintet of Oliver WildeHugo BishopCaelia LunnissConnor Jones and Andrew Hutchin.

Oliver Wilde - alt-fuzz rock from England

Oliver Wilde

From a startlingly loud opener to the morning writing today with Our Last Enemy, to the subdued sounds of Oliver Wilde towards the end of the morning, there is so much new music emerging continually, it is a never ending opportunity to explore not just geographically, but sonically and in the imagination, which makes being a music reviewer one of the easiest things to do. This never ending stream of new compositions, equally makes it difficult for acts to gain traction, so it is the hope that new audiences will perhaps come back to some of these acts from time to time, that I bring you bands such as Oliver Wilde.

The somewhat melancholic sounds smear across the room in drifts of clouds filling the open spaces like ever expanding foam. Underpinning the acoustics are a spread of instruments and complex composition, which affords the resulting out-put such resonance and by keeping it subdued, a mystical presence.

Originally a solo performer the addition of a full band enables Oliver Wilde to both provide far greater depth in recording and equally a smoother transition to live performance.


Red Tide Opal In the Loose End Womb – Oliver Wilde is available on iTunes*

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