Nihiloceros – A​.​N​.​U​.​S. – Audio

Nihiloceros is a US furious-rock trio.



The music is in such a hurry to flurry across the room that the listener can sense the speakers bulging with a swarm of very angry hornets merely by reaching for the play button.

Nihiloceros recently released their eponymous five track EP (available on bandcamp). Whilst I do heartily recommend adding this to your collection I merely countenance anticipate spending a while plucking stings from your body after it recedes in to silence – or perhaps that is due more to do with the fact that I did listen to the roughly seventeen minutes release with the speakers playing so loudly that even the glass was bending in the window frames – though I can’t imagine any manner other than very loudly in which to fully revel in the output.

My pick of the release being the penultimate song A​.​N​.​U​.​S. .

I sense a month of superb music as already on the first article for December I already have a selection for the long-list for Editors’ Choice for Band Of The Month.


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