Mickey – SEETHE – Single Review

The Australian funk-rock project Mickey released the single SEETHE on the 6th.



A track that, like a virulent virus, vaccinates the veins as it slips in to the room.

Prefacing the journey of SEETHE opening with the sound of a record player winding up to full speed as through the three and almost half a minutes of the track the pace steps up incrementally, with the listener joining with a slow-step glide over the dancefloor and ending up rattling round the room, as though a whirling dervish, prior to finally collapsing in exhaustion.

Mickey demonstrates through the track an innate skill and ability in songwriting and delivery as although the song not only changes pace it also switches bar timing and chord structure, all without the listener ever being jarred as it occurs, rather – like melting butter – the transitions are seamless.


Seethe – Single – Mickey is available on iTunes.*

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Shady Bliss – Hustlers – Audio

The Australian funk-rock sextet Shady Bliss are finalising details for their début LP.

Shady Bliss - photo credit - Natalie Jurrjens Photography

Shady Bliss – photo credit – Natalie Jurrjens Photography

Originally formed as a quartet, Shady Bliss, have expanded ideas whilst developing textures and layers in their music, though still retaining their bluesy root-stock that affords their material its earthy honesty.

From the forthcoming release – Hustlers – which was also released as a stand alone single on the 22nd and available on bandcamp.


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Babe Parade – Honeycomb – Single Review

On the 11th the US funk-rock outfit released the single Honeycomb.

Babe Parade

Babe Parade

I realise there is a mystery to my genre-definitions – though there is some semblance of sense to them – ‘funk something’ indicating that the music starts by snaking the lower spine and hips whilst ‘funkadelic something’ intimates of immediate bending in the ankles and knee – both with shoulders involved. All genre descriptors are based on which part of the physical body or mind is first fired and what next as the music emerges through the speakers – bear with me…

Honeycomb (available on bandcamp) immediately has the listener – in order – grinding their lower spine and hips with the rhythm riding up the vertebrae to discover shoulders swaying in free-flow prior to all joints hanging out with the dance moves ‘funk-rock’ – hit play – and you will then understand more of how this site is configured.

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The Altobeelays – Psycho Jungle – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock band The Altobeelays released the LP Weaponized Magik earlier in the month.

The Altobeelays

The Altobeelays

Weaving in threads of jazz, rock, funk, soul and the occasional hip-hop – The Altobeelays deliver a well designed tapestry for the audience to spend time. Their music continually has a frenetic hive of activity going on at anyone time providing it a sense of extemporisation and resulting in the output having a natural organic flow which holds attention.

Spending much of their time on the road, the collection of  eight songs on Weaponized Magik, which is available directly from their website, affords both those who have seen them in live performance and those who haven’t the opportunity to recreate their own party at home.

By way of an introduction the opening track Psycho Jungle.

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Bombargo – Pour Me Another – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock sextet Bombargo released the LP – We Are Bombargo – earlier in the month.



The deeply grooving sounds of Bombargo find the listener connecting their rib-cage to the hip bone such is the funky sway of the tracks. The sextet don’t use the numerous players to add volume, rather smooth the steps of the pulsating rhythms. This is music in which to take to the dance-floor wearing a white fedora and enjoy the mix.

Currently on an extensive Western Canada Tour – if you are in the vicinity, well worth getting out to see when they are in town. For those of us who aren’t in Western Canada – my selection from the album is the second of the ten tracks – Pour Me Another.


We Are Bombargo – Bombargo is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.