Robbie Zereka – Favourite Feelings – Single Review

The England based funk-rock creator Robbie Zereka released the début single Favourite Feelings yesterday.

Robbie Zereka - Photo by William Pavli Photography

Robbie Zereka – Photo by William Pavli Photography

Despite this being the first single, Favourite Feelings, has the quietly spaced confidence of a seasoned campaigner.

It is an interesting crossover track which draws from many sources – trad-folk, ’70s soul, radio-friendly, and a soupçon of dirty blues to deliver a song that is able to pull in both those of us who enjoy their music with some gravel ripped scratches as well as those who like smooth glossy veneers.

It will be interesting to hear where the ultimate direction of travel lays by a musician who evidently has the tools in the kit-bag to build a long lasting structure.


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The Fleas – OK Hello – Audio

The English funk-rock quintet The Fleas released the LP Square Peg on the 9th.

The Fleas - OK Hello

The Fleas

An eclectic bakers dozen album (available on their website) which keeps the listener invested to discover what is coming next as The Fleas, appropriately, use the LP to showcase their breadth of influences and styles.

The ninth song is OK Hello.

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Donny Love – Dysfunctional Lovers – Audio

The Australian funk-rock quintet Donny Love release the LP Sensation on the 4th of May.

Donny Love - Sensation - artwork

Donny Love – Sensation – artwork

Revealed a few hours ago was the fourth of the ten songs on the album – Dysfunctional Lovers – which, those of longer stay will note is of very different carving to their last feature back in 2015.

Now with an additional player as well as a stretch of instrumentation from wind, through keys, strings and percussive, Donny Love create music which has a jazzy undertow to the rock derived compositions that are able to catch and retain attention.

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The Noolands – Loosey Goosey – Audio

The Canadian funk-rock quartet The Noolands release the EP Us On A Bus on the 25th of April.

The Noolands

The Noolands

The first track to surface from the EP Loosey Goosey is a more hip dipping groove number than much of their back-catalogue, and discovers the listener digging in the cupboard to find that forgotten white fedora.

Given the liner notes of instrumentation, including a guest saxophonist, for the full five track EP (available on bandcamp) I would anticipate Us On A Bus will be a wide ranging eclectic mix of funky-rock’n’roll.

For now, having also found some white flares – I’m off to jive with Loosey Goosey.


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Muttering Oaks – #4 – Audio

The US funk-rock project of Pat Deeney – Muttering Oaks – releases the LP Something About Sunsets on the 2nd of March.

Muttering Oaks

Muttering Oaks

The first track to surface from the album, #4, was revealed last week. A winding cohesion of a soaring and swooping guitar blended around the vocal in a song tipped with latin dance and southern blues which finds the body accompanying the rhythm.

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