The Slants – From The Heart – Video

The US alt-rock quartet The Slants – released the EP The Band Who Must Not Be Named earlier in the month.

The Slants - The Band Who Must Not Be Named - artwork

The Slants – The Band Who Must Not Be Named – artwork

Those who are not familiar with the back story will not readily appreciate the title of the release.

Back in 2010 The Slants applied for a trademark for their band name to the United States Patent and Trademark Office – a common enough process for bands, normally resulting in either a straight rejection or acceptance based on other Trademark registrations. However the trademark was rejected on the basis that ‘The Slants‘ was a disparaging term – since when there have been various court judgements –  predominately overturning the reasons for the rejection – each appealed and as I type today the 19th The Slants are awaiting a decision by the Supreme Court of the United States in regards to: re Tam (Lee V. Tam) due for pronouncement on the 20th – so by the time you read this – an answer will have arrived. As Simon Tam – the founder and bassist puts it ‘I’ve spent almost 8 years in court – almost a quarter of my life – so that I could fight for marginalised communities to have their voices protected…’.

The first track of the five on the EP The Band Who Must Not Be NamedFrom The Heart.


The Band Who Must Not Be Named – EP – The Slants is available on iTunes.*

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