Love Ghost – Friday Afternoon – Audio

The US alt-rock quintet Love Ghost are due to release their début eponymous LP later in the year.

Love Ghost

Love Ghost

The first track of the six on the album Friday Afternoon has been made available in advance and well worth catching hold of and adding to the ‘moments of mood’ playlist.

As often mentioned bowed strings are able to add distinctive texture to music and the deftly played Viola in the hands of Mya Greene allows Love Ghost to launch themselves upon a global audience with some considerable confidence. That is not to reduce the input of the other players who also form the band as they equally play with dexterity in a slowly revolving piece of impressive composition which espouses of the complexities of life in the 21st Century, where personal conviction and peer expectation often stand in combative stance.

Friday Afternoon, rather than frenetically battling the stanchions, steps backwards to contemplate the world around, prior to whipping the horse two thirds of the way through the track and hurtling towards the identified spot of breach and thereafter spreading slowly around the room filling in the divots.

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