Orouni – Speedball – Video

Orouni is a French alternative-folk project.



Recently to surface as live version video sessions were a couple of songs from the Somewhere In Dreamland EP which features Emma Broughton – vocals and flute.

A plethora of instrumentation is deployed within the four compositions on the EP affording an ethereal quality – the homestyle recordings elevating the otherworldiness of the release are captured in the opening track Speedball.


Somewhere in Dreamland (feat. Emma Broughton) – EP – Orouni is available on iTunes.*

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Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Another Shot – Audio

The French dystopian-electronica project Polymorphik Skyzophrenia are set to release the LP Acte VII in short order.

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia - Acte VII - artwork

Polymorphik Skyzophrenia – Acte VII – artwork

Although over four years since last featured on hitting play the distinctive soundtrack immediately resonates.

The dark ambient electronica of Another Shot, the first song to appear from the forthcoming album, on which it is the ninth track, bubbles through the room like encroaching flood water inexorably seeping through cracks to inevitably engulf all in its way.

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Suken – Views – Audio

The French trippy-electro project Suken released the single View on the 24th, itself extracted from the forthcoming six track LP of the same name.

Suken - Views - artwork

Suken – Views – artwork

Ever creating music of immersive imagination, Views, adds a further twist and update to a fascinating back-catalogue which has seen no additions for the past couple of years.

The three and a half minutes of progressive electronic psychedelia of Views, available on bandcamp, generates the sense of a car in a traffic queue progressing up a steep hill with a lurching momentum of rapid forward progression abrubtly shuddering to a halt on a slipping clutch and rocking back and forth prior to accelerating forward another cars length, whilst the vocal serenely cycles at its own and steady pace past the window.

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Jérémie Naulet – Wordless – Audio

The deep-techno track Wordless by the French producer Jérémie Naulet will be on the compilation EP – Initializing Volume 19 – being released on the 13th.

Jérémie Naulet

Jérémie Naulet

The closing track of the five is a six and five sixths minutes long composition of meandering melodic ambience which reaches far in to the mind, as it gently massages away awareness of the world around, leaving the listener stretched out in a semi-comatose trance.


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Funny Face – The Undecided Ghosts Chaser – Single Review

The project of the French musician Fanny SeguiFunny Face – released the ethereal-folk single The Undecided Ghosts Chaser yesterday.

Funny Face

Funny Face

A music creator with an extensive back catalogue of diverse material, yet each of haunting melodies and layered lofidelity texturing that captivates the listener.

The Undecided Ghosts Chaser, in common with previous releases is again a difference of approach, with the focus of the song highlighting the superlative and evocative vocal around which the dreamy acoustic and skipping percussion meander forms a song that for its very simplicity of construct delivers a drifting melancholia through the room which leaves the listener with  teary bloodshot eyes as it fades from earshot.


The Undecided Ghosts Chaser – Single – Funny Face is available on iTunes.*

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