New Year Ninety 2016 – 20 to 11

The New Year Ninety 2016 enters the thick end of the chart with twenty to eleven.

The Urchins - New Year Ninety 2016

The Urchins

20 – Yesterdrive (India)

19 – Eternal Death (Sweden)

Cry – Single – Eternal Death is available on iTunes.*

18 – The Urchins (Scotland)

Start the Stampede – The Urchins is available on iTunes.*

17 – Ghost Pepper (USA)

16 – The Haze (England)

Fight to Pay – EP – The Haze is available on iTunes.*

15 – Palace (England)

14 – Former Angels (Australia)

13 – The New Southern Electrikk (England)

12 – Frank (England)

11 – Tirman Kid (Argentina)

A Mind Trick – Tirman Kid is available on iTunes.*

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Kill Your Boyfriend

Matteo Scarpa and Antonio Angeli from Treviso in Italy form the core of the dark-rock band Kill Your Boyfriend.

Kill Your Boyfriend - The King Is Dead - artwork

Kill Your Boyfriend – The King Is Dead – artwork

Set up your speakers correctly and you will find Kill Your Boyfriend spearing barbs at you from across all angles with sounds emerging from differing perspectives and there is a definite need for a sub-woofer to be straining at the leash. The dark undercurrents of sound are matched by spikes in hard working tweeters which allows the band to offer music which takes the audience on a travelogue of emotional context ranging from despondency to flashing green-eyed jealousy.

Taking their band name to a literal sense – songs are either titled as a male name or Deathlist 1, 2, etc. and having been around since 2011 that is quite a few folks to get through. The material works for its very emotional turmoil as Kill Your Boyfriend work through a series of the grudges and anxieties of life in stupendous wraps of music that keep you looking over your shoulder, just in case your name is on the list.

A new LP is scheduled for release on the 29th of September – The King Is Dead and having had the opportunity to wander through the just over half an hour ten track release, I can commend this to your library of must have music. If your name is Rudolf you may wish to be more circumspect as there is just under six minutes of thought process.

From the album – Frank.


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Band of the Month – February 2015 – Readers’ Choice

My thanks to all the musicians who create the sounds that makes this site possible and for the readers for making writing those thoughts more than an echo chamber.

Frank - eponymous three track single - CD

Frank – eponymous three track single – CD

The Readers’ Choice for band of the month for February is from England – Frank.

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Frank is a mod-rock quintet from Wirksworth in England comprising – Craig Wheeldon (Vocals), Garry McCabe (Rhythm Guitar), John Priestley (Lead Guitar), Andy Page (Bass) and Tom Furnival (Drums).

Frank - mod-rock from England


The sounds that thunder around the room remind of ’60s Mod and progressive rock as the pulsating music of Frank finds the listener split between donning a parka or allowing the washes of sounds to flow around the brain.

A solid wall of percussion and bass pummels the brain as the lead guitar joins in the punches to the face, which is pared down by a rhythm guitar that gives Frank an outstanding range of melodies that underpin the out-put, whilst vocal adds a distinct reference to Paul Weller, which gives the band a distinctive space. Given, as you know if you are a regular reader, The Jam is one of those nemesis bands of mine, it surprises me as much as it will you – that I am enthralled and have the quintet on my ‘must have’ playlist.

About a year old, sadly there isn’t much I have been able to hear and I hope Frank are able to rectify this in short order as those of us not local for live performances are missing out on an out-put that will appeal to an international audience.

There is a feisty edginess to Frank that captures the imagination as the driving sounds and delightful hooks find arms and legs flailing in syncopation.

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Morning Fuzz

Morning Fuzz from New York in the USA is the rock quartet of Frank (Vocals / Guitar), Chris (Bass / Vocals), Michael (Guitar / Vocals) and Jesse (Drums).

Morning Fuzz - rock from The USA

Morning Fuzz

As evidence that there is no need to play around with a tried and tested formula of four people plus instruments and drum-kit and you have the foundations of rock band – Morning Fuzz  – are an example. Not seeking to change the world, rather add to it, the quartet deliver solid rock more than competently.

It is the infinitesimal nature of a combination of between ten and sixteen strings betwixt them that makes reviewing emerging rock bands such a pleasure.  In theory it should have all been heard before, but it never has and Morning Fuzz add a delicious temperament to the genre without ever trying to break the mould.

An interesting band, who it will be of more than cursory intent to follow as they have a sound which has the potential to easily accommodate big stage stadium performance, whether they ever have the opportunity, time alone will tell. Intriguingly, they equally have a style which suits the more intimate venues and well worth getting out to see playing live I would posit.

Whilst transposing smartly to recorded material, Morning Fuzz is almost certainly at their best in live performance, where the inter-play would be far stronger (I imagine) and perhaps why all the best rock bands get round to live recording of their LPs, as studio recordings almost inevitably dilute the real feel of the out-put. That said, as they are only playing in the USA and I am based in the UK, I am nonetheless grateful for the Studio releases I can get hold of. I would council they release a live LP to really showcase the sound.


Chasing Ghosts – Morning Fuzz is available on iTunes*

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