The Raunchies

The Raunchies from Rome in Italy is the rock’n’roll quartet of Gianluca Amato (Guitar /Backing Vocals), Federico Ferrigno (Rhythm Guitar / Vocals), Francesco Fiore (Bass) and Marcello Guglielmelli (Drums).

The Raunchies - rock'n'roll from Italy

The Raunchies

Doing exactly what it say on the tin The Raunchies deliver unfussy rock to get the feet moving. An ever tempting percussion and bass combination keeps the music tripping onwards, whilst the guitars swim around each other lending varieties of texture, from the soundtrack of an Ennio Morricone film score to ’60s British Blues, whilst the vocal adroitly adds the pastel brush strokes to the completed sound, to which from time a Wurlitzer adds a more than appropriate appearance.

The Raunchies are able to take the listener on a journey of sound, which one moment has the body in full dance mode, the next settling back in the chair and enjoying the progressions that wend their way around the room.

Formed a couple of years ago The Raunchies have taken their time in establishing a footprint before launching their début EP – Falk, which came out last month and the delay has been worth the while as the six tracks are a good showcase of the sounds. Having laid the foundations, I hope they build on the momentum and don’t leave it until 2017 for a follow-up.

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