Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates – Lazy – Audio

The England based melancholic-rock band Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates release the LP Folklore in September.

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates - Lazy

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates

Within the past few hours the first track to appear from the album was made available.

Lazy is four minutes of dour contemplation that burrows its way into the mind.  Slowly evolving guitar rotates through the track as the drums and bass roll through loops of gloom with synth floating in and out of earshot while the vocal spins the tale.

Matthew Edwards and the Unfortunates are adept at creating beauty out of misery and Lazy sign-posts an LP I look forward to with keen anticipation.

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Crying Day Care Choir – Folklore – Video

Crying Day Care Choir celebrate a double birth with the release of Folklore.

Crying Day Care Choir

Crying Day Care Choir

Scheduled to coincide with the the birth of a daughter the actual release date of Folklore remained slightly variable until the 21st. So I extend best wishes to the parents, Zoë – the new baby and Crying Day Care Choir.

The Swedish – Husband, wife and brother – trio are also in the process of penning a new LP for release in Spring 2014.

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