10 String Symphony – The Ballad Of Bruno – Audio

The US folk duo 10 String Symphony released the LP Generation Frustration on the 13th.

10 String Symphony

10 String Symphony

Named after the selection of instruments which consists of one of two styles of five string fiddle and a five string banjo 10 String Symphony are able to capture music that has an earthiness which underpins an expansive vocal through which subtle intonations of electronica blend the edges.

Unsurprisingly the songs have a bluegrass inflection, that in the new LP is interwoven, appropriately, with a celtic lilt having been produced in Scotland, of unexpected note is the politically charged nature of the music, which by album title alone – Generation Frustration – alerts to the perspective.

My pick of the release is the antepenultimate of the ten The Ballad Of Bruno.


Generation Frustration – 10 String Symphony is available on iTunes.*

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Hannah Cameron – What’s It For – Audio

The Australian folk creator Hannah Cameron releases the LP I Lay Where You Lie on the 8th of June.

Hannah Cameron

Hannah Cameron

An eight track album (available on bandcamp) of mesmeric music and vocal which transports the listener, as though observing the world from an outerbody experience, in to a restful calmness from which the only sadness is to return to the reality of life.

The third song is What’s It For.


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duck – sober – Single Review

The US folk project duck revealed the latest track sober yesterday.



sober, has an air of sadness floating through its veins as the acoustic lofidelity wash of softly disported sound quietly drifts out of the speakers.

The listener finds themselves simultaneously thinking of a familiarity of sound from ’60s festival-folk and the modern twists, which enables duck to create a soundscape that has a defined room of its own without ever needing, or attempting to break down any doors, rather calmly turn the handle.

Whilst sober has a melancholic bent, the audience is not wont to tears, rather, travelled to memories of times past.


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Crookhaven – A Million Miles or More – Audio

Crookhaven is a folk duo split between France and the USA.



Their eponymous début LP surfaced towards the end of last month.

Not seeking to tear down any barriers Crookhaven, in the dozen track album (available from their website), infuse the listener with a feeling that there are good things in life as the LP traverses through romantic ballads, square dance inclusiveness, medieval-strumming, mid-west infused country and more, retaining the listeners interest throughout.

The second song is A Million Miles or More.


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Chris Ho – Places You’ve Been – Audio

The Canadian folk creator Chris Ho released the LP Places You’ve Been on the 3rd.

Chris Ho - photo credit Lucas James

Chris Ho – photo credit Lucas James

An album (available on bandcamp) which has a dreamy spire of slide guitar that like a well ripened Epoisses curtains the room in a richness that takes over the senses in to which the listener just wants to be enwrapped though that isn’t the highlight… that is the mesmerising vocal… making the title track and middle of the eight which spotlights the singing, my pick of the release.

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