Lachlan Grant Splendor – A Simple Life – Audio

Originally from New Zealand and currently based in Alice Springs (Australia) Lachlan Grant Splendor is a folk-rock musician.

Lachlan Grant Splendor

Lachlan Grant Splendor

Armed with a guitar, an absorbing vocal and the gift of strong and natural songwriting skills Lachlan Grant Splendor is able to create music which while seemingly simple on the ear holds in the mind far longer than the individual pieces while delivering a message for a softer world in which each finds time for others, while seeking points of connection and not confrontation.

During the past three weeks, three songs have surfaced – each bearing the artwork of Wake Up And Smell The Coffee – I don’t think I am straying too far to conjecture there may well already be a release on its way to follow up the forthcoming (30th of November due) dozen track LP The Choice Is Yours (available directly on the Lachlan Grant Splendor website) which follows on from the 2016 album Cordial, as none of the three newest tracks are on The Choice Is Yours.

The most recent surface song to appear, revealed within the past ten hours, is the track A Simple Life – joined by Bevan Gardiner (secondary vocal and drums) which showcases both the emotional dexterity and the natural timbre of the compositions.


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Night Shop – My Love – Video

The US folk-rock project Night Shop releases the LP In The Break on the 14th of September.

Night Shop

Night Shop

Having spent many years on the road as a drummer, in 2016, Justin Sullivan decided it was time to take a break for a year or so from the rigours of touring and found a reinvigorated pleasure in the the creation of the more raw and personal songs which had drawn an interest in music in the first place and the catalyst for the vehicle Night Shop – which saw the release of the eponymous EP in early 2017.

In The Break, given the context of music development perhaps better explains the album title (available on bandcamp), is a self-reflective collection of eleven songs that have an honest attraction to them which sears deep in to the listeners bone-marrow. Whilst introspective in process the audience doesn’t feel as though they are a voyeur peeping through the windows, rather an invited participant to draw their own stories from the wistful flow of the soft compositions.

My Love is the penultimate track.

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Gen Pop – Get Over It – Audio

The folk-rock duo Gen Pop, from the USA, released the LP Start Again on the 24th.

Gen Pop

Gen Pop

Difficult to believe these are only two musicians who also live some distant apart, the only real clue being that it is five years since their last album.

The songs are of absorbing and intricate weaves that gives the compositions which are, at their skeletal level acoustic folk ballads, their multifaceted texturing.

Never losing the earthiness of the starting material in the mix Gen Pop are able to create in, the roughly twenty nines minutes of the eight tracks on, Start Again (available on bandcamp) music that seeps in to the bone marrow whilst retaining its honesty in to which the audience become completely immersed and unaware of passing events.

Get Over It is the penultimate song.


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Echo Nebraska – Hold Up To The Fire – Audio

It was back in 2014 that the Canadian folk-rock quintet Echo Nebraska last featured with their début EP Send The Ships, it is therefore with some pleasure to return with news of their latest (and follow-up) LP Hold Up To The Fire which was released on the 1st of June.

Echo Nebraska - photo by @njdav

Echo Nebraska – photo by @njdav

Although Echo Nebraska have not been completely hidden away from sight, regularly playing live, the death of one of the trio of founding members Gunn Park has found they have remained away from the studio until now.

In recognition of their travails over the years and the respect with which they still hold Gunn, the song and title track – Hold Up The Fire, which is the fourth of the ten of the thirty seven’ish minutes of the melancholic folk rooted album – which is full of gems – too whom it was written in dedication, seems an apposite re-introduction and I merely hope that having broken the fast they feel able to reveal more music without the, understandable, four year gap for those of us spread more widely than able to catch them live.

Hold up to the Fire – Echo Nebraska available on iTunes.*

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Dominic Benjamin – Wrong Or Right – Video

The English folk-rock creator Dominic Benjamin revealed the song Wrong Or Right yesterday.

Dominic Benjamin

Dominic Benjamin

With the concept of a track a month Wrong Or Right continues the series.

A song of two dimensions – one element celtic-rock influenced and highly danceable acoustic guitar, the other side being the lyrical content which throws out the question – is it Wrong Or Right  – the ease with which both geo-political and national-political agendas slice open division, resentment and violence towards fellow humans in a world that seems to be becoming ever more fractious and self-protectionist by the hour, serving little interest than for war-mongers, whilst additionally wondering how it is that not only bureaucrats who sow the seeds of division, but the greater surface of wider populace, is able to restfully acquiesce with the ever growing intolerance of those outside a particular silo.

I posit dancing while you think is probably the best way to approach Wrong Or Right.

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