Nheap is the vehicle for the Assisi, Italy based Massimo Discepoli to deliver his experimental ambience.

Nheap - ambience from Italy


Like flexible sheets of thin silicone the music slides effortlessly around the room piling one atop the other to form a jelly-like entrapment. Combining acoustic, guitars, electric instruments, drums, keys and electronic sounds Nheap has the ability to fuse much into a track, whilst delivering sounds of calmness and relaxation.

This isn’t music for the Monday morning rush, else you will find it Friday before you get out of the door, rather material to savour at leisure and there is much with which to settle back. The pieces typically run at well over five minutes and with seven releases going back since 2008 you need time to get through the collection and it is a development that is well worth exploring to dip in and out of as moments allow.

Whilst somewhat experimental in style, Nheap hasn’t sought to rip the edges of the creative envelope, rather to bring in disparity of sound making devices, which is what provides the music with its multi-layered textures.


Flying and the Silence – Nheap is available on iTunes*.

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