Marlin’s Dreaming – Floating – Audio

The New Zealand surf-gaze quartet Marlin’s Dreaming released their début LP Lizard Tears on the 27th.

Marlin's Dreaming

Marlin’s Dreaming

Shimmering echoes drift slowly through the room in – Floating – the third of the nine tracks on the album. The solid dampened bass string provides the pivot around which that hazy vocal and guitars rotate while the quiet rippling cymbals takes the listener to a shore front on overlooking a sunlight calm-sea.

Floating is reflective of the album which has a tempered jazz undertone the sense of a relaxing evening with friends at a riviera café whilst watching the world amble past.

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Timshel – Hubble Jive – EP Review

The Finland based alt-indie band Timshel released the EP Hubble Jive on the 18th.

Timshel - Hubble Jive


Reigning back on the dancing vibe of their sound Hubble Jive has a more introspective mood than much of their previous material featured.

The opener and title track Hubble Jive sets the scene for the EP as Timshel contemplate the vastness of the universe in conjunction with the intensity of personal emotional desires resulting in a track that has an underlying sadness which wraps around the listener in empathetic embrace.

Next is We’re Still Here which is perhaps entitled as such – as recently what was a sextet became a trio in a track that is a credit to them as they  are unafraid to express their sadness at the sudden change and sense of fortitude that there is still a kernel from which to develop, whilst making it available for all to explore and extrapolate as the listener wishes.

Setting themselves back on to a more even keel – Floating – which featured back in June finds the trio on a more familiar path.

The closer Rising Airplanes is my pick of the release as it indicates Timshel have reconciled the past, the present and are looking to the future with the wistful just under four and a third minutes of evocative synths, instrumentation and considered vocal.

Whilst a cathartic release for Timshel, Hubble Jive, is equally a fascinating journey for the audience, who feel they too are emotionally invested.

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Timshel – Floating – Single Review

The Finnish indie band Timshel released the single Floating yesterday.

Timshel - photo credit Jani Haapsaari

Timshel – photo credit Jani Haapsaari

In the intervening couple of years since their introduction back in 2014 what was a sextet has pared down to a trio with previous members floating in and out from time to time and adding other musicians as appropriate with Daniel Ventus returning to provide keys and a new player Erik Sjöholm adding slide guitar to the remaining core of Markus Bergfors, Patrick Sjöholm and Petter Erikslund on this release.

Floating is a just under four and half and half minute track that invites the listener to the dance-floor with a courteous bow of introduction. The song identifies precisely why Scandinavia remains the place you need to go to find the best clubs in the world with the innovative musicians who are able to fill the venues with audiences from around the globe – if only they are quick enough to get there before the pop-up venue is already history, but one gets the sense that Timshel will always be on the playlist – where ever the latest location opens.

Minding of the enthusiastic rhythms of Dexys Midnight Runners melded with the best of the yet to come –  Floating is one to add to the collection.

Floating – Single – Timshel is available on iTunes.*

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