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The English acid-funk trio GU-RU are imminently set to release the EP Into the Light.



Anticipate the unanticipated on hitting play with GU-RU as their reference book pulls on Kenny Ball in to which they infuse synthetics and stringed instrumentation leaving the listener cloudily wondering how many Diamonds in the Sky did Lucy leave?

The analogue recordings allow GU-RU to deliver a sound which blows warm breath on to the listeners ear-lobes as the approaching twenty minutes release caresses the neck and shoulders, taking away the strains of the day.

My pick of Into The Light is the penultimate – Flo – which has a snazzy-jazz swing as buffered keys weave with extended bars in a three and three-quarter minutes space-walk.

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El Deyma

Originating from disparate parts of the globe the fusion-rock trio of FloGiulio Moro and Dan Bogo who form El Deyma are now based in London – England.

El Deyma - fusion rock from England

El Deyma

El Deyma suitably reflect of a conversation I seem to have on loop – the ‘Indie‘ in Emerging Indie Bands doesn’t refer to a genre specific site, rather a state of mind and surprising as it may for those who instigate these conversations I am often taken aback by the range of music that I suggest you should spend time with and this trio is an exemplar of that amazement on my side as the writer of the review.

Harmonized keys and strings are melted gently into a batter mix and turning out comes a deftly executed Crêpe Suzette as El Deyma coalesce their broad influences to offer the audience a sound that like the afore-mentioned delicacy holds interest for those of bitter, sugary, refined or simple taste as the trio transcend differences to make for a point of cohesion.

Whilst probably not for any particular reader as a must for the every-day play-list to not hear El Deyma is to miss music that has much to add to everything and I thank Flo, Giulo and Dan for the creativity and please do keep delivering such elegant offerings.

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