Flight Brigade – Hurricane Season – Video

The English alt-rock band Flight Brigade have regularly featured since their introduction in 2012.

Flight Brigade - Hurricane Season

Flight Brigade

Recently, a live version of Hurricane Season from the LP Our Friends Our Enemies.

Our Friends Our Enemies is available on Amazon.*

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Flight Brigade – U Kill Me – Video

Flight Brigade, the English alt-rock band release the EP U Kill Me On the 27th.

Flight Brigade - U Kill Me - artwork

Flight Brigade – U Kill Me – artwork

Combining their familiar expressive vocals with synth, bowed and strummed strings, Flight Brigade in the title track and first of the four, once again deliver an impressive composition. Whilst awash with texture, the song has greater urgency than much of their music previously featured.

This pacier style, which is driven by drums sitting more to the foreground, doesn’t mean that Flight Brigade are unable to explore the eddies of U Kill Me as the range of instrumentation is still given space to express the emotion of the song as do the alternating in voices through the track.

U Kill Me is available on Amazon.*

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Flight Brigade – When We Were Young – Video

Back in 2012 what was then an English alt-folk band Flight Brigade were introduced, now evolved into a synth-indie ensemble.

Flight Brigade - Stealing Fire

Flight Brigade

As regular readers will know, most bands fall by the way-side very quickly, which is precisely why the website exists, to catch those shimmering explosions of brief light and afford them a more permanent home, so it is always a pleasure to come back to bands who have survived that initial few months of bursting energy to become part of the firmament.

Flight Brigade are set to release the EP Stealing Fire on the 23rd October. From the release – When We Were Young.

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Flight Brigade – Sirens – Video

Flight Brigade from England are imminently to release their latest double A side single.

Flight Brigade - Sirens

Flight Brigade

It was back in 2012 that Flight Brigade first appeared and they still retain the same seven players, with music that is instantly recognizable.

Recently the band recorded a live session for Sofar Sounds and this is a video of Sirens from the forthcoming single.

A version of Sirens was originally released on the EP Shaw Court Sessions EP.

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New Year Ninety 2014 – 60 to 51

Without the musicians the New Year Ninety wouldn’t be possible, please do keep on creating and setting your thoughts to music, it is much appreciated.

New Year Ninety 2014 60 - 51

New Year Ninety 2014 60 – 51

60. Lolita (Croatia)

59. Sunshine (USA)

Down and Up Blues – Sunshine is available on iTunes*.

58. Mincer Ray (Germany)

57. Unwed Mothers (Canada)

Unwed Mothers is available on iTunes*.

56. Shannon Wardrop (England)

Medicine – Shannon Wardrop is available on iTunes*.

55. October (Canada)

54. Battle For Paris (England)

Superstar – Battle for Paris is available on iTunes*.

53. Magic Trick (USA)

River of Souls – Magic Trick is available on iTunes*.

52. C-Types (Germany)

Do the Bird – C-Types is available on iTunes*.

51. Flight Brigade (England)

Graduation Day – Flight Brigade is available on iTunes*.

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