FlashFires – Manshark – Single Review

The English indie quintet Flashfires released their latest single on the 7th.

FlashFires - Manshark


FlashFires do not try and complicate their music with anything extraneous. Manshark is a four and a half minutes track that brims with confidence and swagger.

Manshark is a track to enjoy either whilst nodding just head in time, or stepping around the room as the quintet provide a track that has some very smartly taken beat shifts, taking the number from off-beat to on-beat without missing a step. There is plenty of melody to keep the ears happy, whilst sufficient impetus to keep the body moving. Guitars are extended in well considered closing refrains, whilst the song opens with a drum that kicks the audience into activity. The vocal switches give the piece different tonality, which matches the progression of the music.

Manshark is a track to add to the good mood party playlist and marks the continued development of FlashFires who are deservedly gaining greater traction and appreciation.

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New Year Ninety 2016 – 90 to 81

The New Year is five hours and five minutes old here in the UK and today is a thread of posts for the New Year Ninety of 2016. My thanks to the readers who can’t actually vote to make up the charts but are those who position the chart order through various algorithms, without you the site would be nothing more than an echo in a very dark chamber.

Tim Whale

Tim Whale

90. The Marital (USA)

Bold Show – The Marital is available on iTunes.*

89. Cardboard Cousin (USA)

88. Blood & Honey (Germany / Ireland)

87. Birthmark (Greece)

Subtract – Birthmark is available on iTunes.*

86. White Ape (England)

Game of Soldiers / A Face At the Window – Single – White Ape is available on iTunes.*

85. The Shambolic (England)

The Dead the Dying and the Damned – The Shambolic is available on iTunes.*

84. FlashFires (England)

The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

83. Yalta Club (France / Germany)

Yalta Club – Yalta Club is available on iTunes.*

82. The Rapports (England)

81. Rolin Humes (Croatia)

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FlashFires – You Never Said You Loved Her – Video

The English indie quintet FlashFires were introduced in March.

FlashFires - You Never Said You Loved Her


A live version of You Never Said You Loved Her.

Much of the music on the site is of studio recorded material, so it  makes a refreshing change to feature a live stage performance of a track, that is as yet, unreleased.

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From Basingstoke in England Alex Gonzato (Vocals / Guitar), Fraser Roskilly (Guitar), Jon Cullis (Guitar), Liam Kinslow (Bass) and Toby Bartlett (Drums) got together to form the indie band FlashFires.

FlashFires - Indie from England


The trio of guitars enable FlashFires to explore depths of sound which captivate the attention. The instruments are deployed, not to gain volume, rather enrich textures and the players are able to find space to thread the weaves expertly providing the audience with luscious symphonies of fret work. That isn’t to ignore all the other elements which are integral to the complete sound – the percussion chivvies along the pace and the bass accents the punctuation marks as vocal provides context.

Whilst taking their career as musicians seriously which has seen them wrangle over contracts since their inception in 2012 resulting in limited material surfacing, they still retain the infectious enthusiasm of a fresh band and their début EP The Play which comes out the 20th April is full of zest.


The Play EP – FlashFires is available on iTunes.*

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