Flashes – Black Monday / Infinites – Single Review

The English glaze-rock band Flashes released the AA side single Black Monday / Infinites on the 10th.

Flashes - Black Monday / Infinites


The drum-skins sink far below the rim of the carcass affording the two songs (available on bandcamp) a deep resonance whilst pirouetting guitars shimmer inside their own echoes with the bass pulsing just below the surface as the gauzed vocal floats like an ethereal presence from locations undetectable.

Black Monday – my pick of the release a, wandering towards eight minutes, song minds of sinking into quicksand on a tropical shoreline with the gently drawing liquefaction pulling the listener towards their peril whilst trusting in the warming embrace to keep them safe as the buoyancy of the track bubbles up and down during its progression.

Infinites is of more dreamy countenance, though containing the signature sound of expanding and compressing frequencies as the predominance of the drum-kit taking lower stage with pumping bass guitar and bass drum threading the weave of the song, a tad over a minute shorter than its bedfellow, while guitars tie their own distinctive brocade through the beating heart affording the track a distinctive pattern of sound that draws to thought a cooler evening on a cloud shrouded hillock with the vocal laying in the misty shadows.

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Flashes – Paintbrush – Audio

The English glaze-rock quartet Flashes released the EP Rzhev on the 14th.



The second of the five tracks – Paintbrush – surfaced recently.

A just under six minutes composition of interweaving elements which mind of molten and pressurised carbon as the music folds in ever changing urgency and flow, within itself, resulting in a track that simultaneously offers logarithmic certainty whilst flecking it with shifting transpositions, resulting in an uncut diamond within which the listener can espy the lustre glistening astride the seemingly random interplay.

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Rzhev – Flashes is available on iTunes.*

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