Marah In The Mainsail – Fisticuffs – Audio

The US world-beat sextet Marah In The Mainsail release the LP Bone Crown on the 3rd of October.

Marah In The Mainsail

Marah In The Mainsail

Rooted deeply in folklore the eleven track album pulls out from the tool-kit a plethora of strings, bows, percussion techniques, electronica, wind instruments, keys and duality of vocals to deliver a roughly forty one minutes release that the audience wishes wrapped the mind for longer.

The dark shadows of the songs unhurriedly fill the room with brooding presence akin to a thunderstorm brewing with its beguiling colours of rolling clouds.

With some kindness by Marah In The Mainsail I am able to feature the third song Fisticuffs – my last thought – do mark the the 3rd of October in your diary.


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