We Three Kings – Give It To Me, GO! – Single Review

The Manchester (England) rock trio of Rich (Guitars / Vocals), Pete (Drums / Vocals) and Paul (Bass) who form the band We Three Kings revealed the track Give it to me, GO! a couple of hours ago.

We Three Kings
We Three Kings

An uncluttered two and two thirds minutes of brit-blues rock’n’roll that fires out of the speakers like a ball of fuzzy energy which infects all those it touches and has the listener jamming their head between blasting speakers lost in the wave of warming nostalgia.

Give It To Me, GO! is a welcome follow up to the EP Fire, which came out eleven months ago.

Give It to Me, Go! – We Three Kings is available on iTunes.*


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Nyxomniac – Fire – Video

Nyxomniac, a darkwave project from the USA, will be playing the first live performance on the 1st of June at Mutiny Information Cafe in Denver.



There are a handful of tracks around, the most recent of which is Fire – a roughly four and a half minutes composition of drifting melancholia that casts dark clouds in to the room as the slowly unfolding combinations of electronica and guitar envelop the listener in their embrace, with a sparse vocal peering through the gloom.

Fire has a mesmerising beauty which pulls the listener back to listen again and I look forward to hearing more from Nyxomniac in short order.

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Jen Miller – Fire – Single Review

The US electro-realist creator Jen Miller released the single Fire within the past twenty four hours.

Jen Miller - photo credit Ashley Wright

Jen Miller – photo credit Ashley Wright

Throwing down the gauntlet to misogynists around the globe – Fire turns the tables with a narrative of female sexuality.

The symbolism of the track is elicited in the music, through which a contemptuous vocal sears.

A throbbing bass pulses through the speakers with immense promise only for it to implode within a splat of trumpet within seconds, from whence an unsatiated combination of hip-thrusting percussion and interweaving wah-wah takes over prior to drifting in to ever more disinterested and dismissive sentiment slowly closing to silence throughout which the lyric regards with equal disdain.

Fire – Single – Jen Miller is available on iTunes.*

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Vera Lynch

Vera Lynch is Ted Barker (Bass), Brian Pistolesi (Guitar), Keisuke Nishikawa (Guitar), Sándor Sztankovics (Drums) and Guy Harries (Vocals) an alt-indie band from London in England.

Vera Lynch - alt-indie from England

Vera Lynch

Rumbling along on the thick string on a bass guitar, how could I not enjoy the sounds of Vera Lynch. Not long into their musical journey they have just released their debut four track EP Evil Cowboy Surfer Songs which they have used to demonstrate the diversity of sounds, which have a theatrical feel to them and you are given the impression this is a band you need to see live to gain maximum value.

The psychedelic flourishes which the quintet pepper into surf rock provides immense entertainment and it is difficult not to get caught up in the moment. Whilst there are a diversity of ideas travelling through the material, Vera Lynch have avoided making this a difficult space in which to settle. I can totally understand the rationale for releasing the EP with the diversity of sounds in the tracks selected, I look forward to the band more closely define their direction of focus.

As a good introduction to Vera Lynch here is track two on the EP – Fire – a song that leaves the listener feeling better for listening to it and my pick of the release.


Evil Cowboy Surfer Songs is available on iTunes*

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