BC Camplight – Fire In England – Audio

The England based synth-rock outfit BC Camplight releases the LP Deportation Blues on the 24th.

BC Camplight - Fire In England

BC Camplight

Last featured in 2015, the reason being living in a world of dystopian catch-22 Brian Christinzio was deported from the UK to his birth country of the USA after the release of the last LP How To Die In The North – for the past two years life has been taken up with battling bureaucracy. By taking Italian citizenship through family ties Brian now has the right to be in the UK – though with the UK leaving the EU – how long that may last is anyone’s guess.

There is something of a dark irony that the three countries in question each dislike immigrants as much as each other – which leads to the new album –  Fire In England being the penultimate of the nine tracks.

Deportation Blues – BC Camplight is available on iTunes.*

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