Finn Ryder and the Friendly Beasts – Spoke To A Dolphin – Audio

Finn Ryder and the Friendly Beasts is a lo-fi-gloom project surrounding Finn Ryder from England.

Finn Ryder and the Friendly Beasts

Finn Ryder and the Friendly Beasts

When you find an image to depict a band that is of recording to cassette, as a regular reader you will be smiling with happiness, if you are a new reader you may well be creasing a brow.

Spoke To A Dolphin flattens and softens the peaky highs and lows in a track which reminds of a sideways running 19:16 film ratio as the effect elongates notes which bend around the ears in slow motion distortion giving the music the luxurious taste and texture of clotted cream.

Finn Ryder and the Friendly Beasts evokes of the age of analogue, though interestingly uses digital recording techniques to achieve the effect, which in itself makes for a conundrum, but not one to tarry with too long as the extra work that this convolution requires still leaves those of us of four and eight track tape recordings reminiscing of one microphone and one lead to record each element of the band fed to the spinning brown tape – capturing it all.

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