merci beaucoup – Cache Cache – EP Review

The French synth-wave duo merci beaucoup released the EP Cache Cache on the 17th.

merci beaucoup

merci beaucoup

It is unlikely that Cache Cache will be hiding away in the ‘forgotten’ playlist as merci beaucoup reveal an EP with sunny disposition and gloomy underbelly.

Sexy Million Sobs surfaces first with tinkling keys before, the rumbling bassy, beat loops around the room to the accompaniment of an inexpressive vocal which resultingly delivers an ironic twist to the lyric.

Next is Suicide Girl, which is more than worth the price of Cache Cache on its own as the shortest track sparkles like a bubbling glass of champagne to a luscious vocal that massages the ears while guitar threads deftly between the synthetics giving the song a sense of the dramatic.

My pick of the release is Fingerprint as the various electronic elements melt into each other like shapes of wax cooling and reforming as it drips down a lit candle whilst the vocal strides unfettered around the room.

The closer – A Little Girl In Your Eyes – provides a more punching pace in a track that marks an interesting potential direction of future travel.


Cache Cache – EP – merci beaucoup is available on iTunes.*

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