Tuska – Fine – Single Review

Tuska are a Brighton (England) based psychedelic rock group, featuring core members Richard Sturges (Guitar / Vocals) and Rob Weaver (Guitar / Vocals).



Thanks once again to Robbie for taking the time to write some thoughts…

Tuska has just released their début single Fine on the 4th and what an introduction it is. The entire track drips with this intoxicating sheen that harks back to summer days and balmy nights, a far cry from what we’re experiencing in these dreary winter months.

The drums in the opening moments are delightfully saggy and perfectly compliment each section, weaving in and out to introduce each repeat of that incredibly catchy chorus. With shades of Tame Impala in the vocals and melodic content, Tuska has brought something familiar yet pleasingly fresh to the table.

The guitar parts are artfully presented, with lots of character oozing from clever riffs. What makes this single come alive is the excellent production – there is a lot going on in the mix and each element gels incredibly well with the next. There is a ton of creativity going on here, with little fillers and effects propelling the arrangement beyond the sum of its parts.

Catchy to the point of cruel, Fine is a killer début single. Owing to clever song writing and careful harnessing of elements from psychedelic rock, Tuska has fashioned a hazy pop-rock song that is proving impossible to resist. Well done guys, I look forward to hearing follow-up material in the New Year.

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Pretty Solitude – Fine – Video

The Swedish indie-rock quartet Pretty Solitude have featured quite regularly since their introduction in 2012.

Pretty Solitude - Fine - artwork

Pretty Solitude – Fine – artwork

The latest single – Fine – was released earlier this month.

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