Loop – 42 – Audio

The Filipino alt-indie quartet Loop released the LP Reality and Dreams on the 28th of January.



A ten track album (available on bandcamp) which travels broadly with some material being founded in mathematical-rock, in soul and pitching in to indie-rock, yet all brushed with a distinctive style and delivery that forms a cohesive gel coating the disparity of the journey.

My selection of the release being the fifth track – 42.

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BOPEK – Dalawa – Audio

The alt-rock band BOPEK, from The Philippines, were in the New Year Ninety.

BOPEK - Dalawa


Having recently lost their drummer – the track Dalawa, which surfaced within the past few hours, necessarily has a different gradient to the sound.

The combinations of guitars thread through the room in angular shards from which the distinctive vocal of Phoebe emotes a lyric of the lamentation of separation.

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The Geeks

The Geeks from Quezon City in the Philippines is the retro-indie quartet of Kevin Tedd Felisco (Guitar), Mags Borbon (Bass), Brian Sangco (Drums) and Jam Lorenzo (Guitar / Vocals).

The Geeks - retro-indie from the Phillipines

The Geeks

Pitching their notes from the thinnest key on the six string, The Geeks take the audience on a journey of sound which recollects of the warmth of vinyl four track recordings, even in digital format. Their delivery finds the audience reaching for a skinny tie to accompany the mood. There is a luxuriant cosseted feeling that breezes into the room, like a warm summer sunset.

Whilst firmly with one foot in the ’60s, The Geeks don’t sound like a pastiche of sounds heard before, as they are able to take a style and invest it within a more focussed indie rock setting, giving the music a currency and relevance for the ’10s. The interspersing of individual notes and chords allows the quartet to provide easy to engage tracks with angles of intrigue, raising the banner from disposable pieces, to numbers that you want to come back to hear again.

Well worth adding to the ‘relax with this’ playlist.

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Yolanda Moon

Yolanda Moon is the triphop duo of Cholo Hermosa and Kyle Quismundo from Manila in The Philippines.

Yolanda Moon - triphop from The Philippines

Yolanda Moon

Luxuriant waves of sounds ease their way into the room on listening to Yolanda Moon. This is music of gliding textures which slide gently past each other before melting together like billowing clouds in the sky. The music has a dreamlike sequence that is delicate of touch and delivery.

Over the past couple years of their existence the music of Yolanda Moon has evolved into a softer and more entrancing state and they have now mastered the dynamics of the sequences, which should see them make more significant strides in short order. The vocal which caresses the instrumentation fits perfectly in style giving the out-put an extra dimension of discovery as it gently floats around the head.

Establishing themselves in the local scene, they have a sound which traverses national boundaries. This is music to pull-out any-time you need to slow down the pace and relax the tensions of the day and I look forward to hearing the future development of Yolanda Moon in the future.

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