Muerto Rico

Muerto Rico from Belgrade in Serbia is the angst-rock trio of Kosta (Bass / Vocals), Filip (Guitar) and Stefan (Drums).

Muerto Rico - rage-rock from Serbia

Muerto Rico

Only formed in May Muerto Rico do not have a great deal of music I can yet hear, but what I have has already helped to make my tinnitus even worse as the reeling roar rages across the room and the louder the volume, the better it sounds.

The members of the band are all experienced musicians who have whetted their appetite prior to getting together and are beginning to secure a live touring circuit with their mutations of blazing guitar, frenetic percussion and raucous vocal. This isn’t a sound to take with a cup of Horlicks – as far from drifting into malted sleep, you will find yourself impaled by tracks, which typically manage to get all the fury packed up in around two and a half minutes of explosive energy.

To my mind, Muerto Rico, don’t need to improve as the sounds are exactly as they should be, merely add tracks to help my ears bleed further and I look forward to hearing much more over the coming months.

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