FIKA – Here To Stay – Single Review

The English soul-groove duo FIKA were introduced last year.

FIKA - Here to Stay


Their latest track Here To Stay, whilst also something to rest up the heels on the desk, is a track with more of a stop-start motion, giving it a more shiny veneer, though once you start to scratch beneath the plastic coating there is plenty to keep the ears engaged.

A glacial electronica is weaved around a gazey-RnB guitar that affords Here To Stay a dreamy haziness while the percussion creates context, it is merely the, what to me is, over production of vocals that causes me to hesitate – however that is perhaps not a surprise to those who have stayed with the site for any length of time – if it isn’t raw and still dripping juices I will be likely to be reticent – so don’t take my thoughts on post production effects as anything more than – to be expected. Were I not to think Here To Stay has much to add to the day, I wouldn’t ask you to consider spending time having a listen.

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FIKA – Piano Down – Single Review

FIKA is, in this instance, a soul-groove duo from England rather than, a Swedish pastries and coffee break, though either being equally appropriate prior to hitting play.



A couple of tracks are around both of which delve deep in to the brain and slow down the synapses.

Piano Down – the latest reveal, which came out on the 6th, is a blend of minor-chord progressions on a Korg SV-1 (that give the songs its  drifting sadness) set to reversed guitar fretwork, which gives the track its sense of an aural description of a Wundt illusion. The structured skipping tempo and percussion transposes the song to an acid-jazz influence with the soulful vocal conjoining all the ideas in to a smooth-groove.

If that all sounds a tad deconstructed, trust me, as posited by the name of the band –  grab yourself a cup of coffee, some pastries, hang up your heels and enjoy just over four and a quarter minutes of ambient flow.


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