Fight Fathers – Antares – Single Review

Word arrives that the English brooding-rock trio Fight Fathers are planning an EP for April release.

Fight Fathers - Antares - Single Review

Fight Fathers

With a darker space than their introduction the newest single to surface by Fight Fathers –  Antares reflects on the isolationism of depression, which paradoxically draws a composition of closer unity within the sound.

Opening with a drum sequence phrased within squelching submerged pedal strings which has a naturally raw tribalism that immediately burrows the ensuing four and just over one sixth minutes of the track deep in to the cortex prior to guitar making its entrance soon joined intoxicatingly with strummed bass which gives the piece its echoing revolution, when the vocal joins the composition the listener is already wreathed in a dark countenance.

Although, as the track evolves, guitar is given space to add texturing the ever present drum pattern holds Antares in revolving darkness akin to the ensnaring embrace of the black-dog before everything fades in to silence other than the vocal evocation and acoustic strings reflecting of the all encompassing reality of the darkest moments of depression.

Yet somehow in conclusion the audience senses that despite the worst moments, there is the possibility of a faint flickering light that does have the the potential to become a bright sunbathed landscape.

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Fight Fathers – She Wanted Storms – Single Review

Fight Fathers is a progressive rock trio from England who released their début single She Wanted Storms on the 28th of October.

Fight Fathers

Fight Fathers

Back since in early October this has been hanging around in my inbox whilst Alex and I have been chatting about climbing mountains in the intervening period and became waylaid in Tajikistan by way of Tanzania – so my apologies to one and all for the delay in getting to the grist of the mill.

She Wanted Storms is a just under five minute stretch of angular acrobatic display as Fight Fathers combine mathematical rock with free flowing tumbrils of sound which calmly weave their way around the room leaving the listener entranced by the contemplative melodies and spectacular spandrels that circumnavigate the ears.


She Wanted Storms – Single – Fight Fathers is available on iTunes.*

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