Felixxx – Ganesh – Audio

The Mexican psychedelic rock band Felixxx released their latest single Ganesh recently.

Felixxx - photo by OnEarth

Felixxx – photo by OnEarth

Since their introduction back in 2014 there has been a slight change in line-up, which necessarily means the music has a different impetus.

The guitar has become more blurred allowing Felixxx to maintain the trippy feel of the sounds. Whilst, as evidenced in Ganesh they have also injected a more garagey feel to the delivery as they have also intensified the pressure zones which contrasts deftly with the changes of pace in the just under four minute track.

Ganesh – Single – Felixxx is available on iTunes.*

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Felixxx – Monstruos! – Audio

The psychedelic rock band from Mexico – Felixxx recently revealed their latest single.

Felixxx - Monstruos!


I am writing this article early in the morning and I get the feeling that the trippy nature of Monstruos!, will thread through the remainder of the day, so will probably not be as productive as I would otherwise have been.

Felixxx subsume Monstruos! (which is available on bandcamp) with wisps of ideas that spiral around the head in a shoegazed shimmer as the quartet, in a changed line-up from the January 2014 line-up originally introduced, ease the mind towards slowing down the pace of thought process.

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New Year Ninety 2015 – 30 to 21

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Felixxx from Mexico City in Mexico is the psychedelic rock quartet of Esteban (Guitar / Vocals / Synths), Chuy (Drums / Backing Vocals), Raul ( Bass / Backing Vocals) and Erick (Synths).

Felixxx - psychedelia from Mexico


Extensive use of Kaoss Pads permits the musicians of Felixxx to extend notes into flying shimmers of spectral hues which float gently around the ears. Combining resonances of Andean pan pipes with progressive rock of the UK and flexing in some Brit-pop the quartet are able to offer a signature sound which spans considerable range which they deliver like a soothing hand, mopping the brow.

The listener is left with a soundscape that would resonate with works by Vonnegut as the fantastical transformations of sound lift it into the whimsical, whilst retaining a foot in the pedestrian, enabling Felixxx to deliver music, which although munificently textured are readily attainable by the mind.  Whilst offering metaphysical extravagance there always remains a shrouded shaped figure which focuses the listener to seek to point a sharper clarity.

Although the music has plenty to carry the audience, one always is left feeling this would works even better in a visual context. To maximise the comprehensive and alliterative value of the music my advice is find a low-light room, nestle back with a glass of wine and hit play and at this point Felixxx makes the restful space therapeutic too.


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