Bourbon Street Beat

Bourbon Street Beat from Manchester in England is the rock-a-billy trio of Iain Hammond (Vocal / Guitar), Joe Morrison-Hay (Bass) and Andy Mackenzie (Drums).

Bourbon Street Beat - rock-a-billy from England

Bourbon Street Beat

Other than turning up the speakers and making space for a dance-floor, the only other decision to make when hitting play with Bourbon Street Beat is to decide between brothel-creepers or a pair of Mayura Boots.

Gilding easy flowing Southern Blues with temper, the trio offer a sound which combines square-dance with rock’n’roll to afford the audience the opportunity to take the sound as they see fit and as you well know by now I have inevitably reached for a pair of electric blue brothel-creepers to accompany the writing of this article.

Bourbon Street Beat don’t attempt to challenge the audience with complex forays of sound, rather extend the opportunity to move the legs in time. Sometimes this is all you want of music and the trio are deft exponents at creating a sound which includes everyone.

Whilst they are able to deliver unctuous reference points for a lap-steel to join in, the material doesn’t appear lacking as underlying it is an ever present need to keep moving and it is the ability of the trio to create music that doesn’t short-change the audience as the easy to grapple with beats are underpinned by strong melody.

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