Duane Pitre

Duane Pitre is an experimental musician from New Orleans in the USA.

Duane Pitre - experimental music from the USA

Duane Pitre

Whilst I enjoy three chord three minute wonders, there is also space in the lexicon for experiments and Duane Pitre who combines acoustics with electronics produces some fascinating landscapes in which to stretch the hippocampi.

It somehow seems apposite that the last band I reviewed Dynoride is from Cambridge in the USA and Duane I came across in Cambridge in England and the two would find it harder to be polar opposites. Luxuriant textures float gently around the room like interspersed bubbles popping one against the other reflecting ever smaller versions of themselves.

Looping and wafting electronics are subsumed within an acoustic backdrop, seemingly unrelated, yet mirror reflections of themselves, curling like wafts of smoke in the sunlight. Individual components seem graspable, yet they are gone before the mind can capture the essence only to reappear moments later in a new and equally as unreachable guise.

No matter how many times you replay pieces there is always something just out of arms-length and much like the loops in the music another replay is demanded.

Duane Pitre takes the listener on finite journeys into an infinite space.


Feel Free – Duane Pitre is available on iTunes*.

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