Fatal Nostalgia

Fatal Nostalgia is an ambient-electronica project from Massachusetts in the USA.

Fatal Nostalgia - ambient-electronica from the USA

Fatal Nostalgia – ambient-electronica from the USA

Those with a closer eye to detail will notice I did reference a different project a few days ago by one and the same person – Cyberwave and as mentioned in that article Fatal Nostalgia is the more current thread of focus.

Again, with numerous releases this time dating back to 2012 (all available on bandcamp), Fatal Nostalgia offers plenty to hear while relaxing in a warming saline bath. The music flows around the head massaging the cranium and gradually the synapses, breathing and heart rate decelerate to the pace of the whooshes of unhurried euphonious compositions that thread through the room.

Whilst the tracks are extended variations on a theme there is nothing self-indulgent and the listener finds themselves wishing phrases were extended further as Fatal Nostalgia reveals music that has the attraction and mesmerising qualities of multi-coloured fractals spinning in the breeze.

A very difficult set of schematics to generate something new from time after time, yet Fatal Nostalgia is able to generate original compositions which follow the flow chart and thus far there have been over thirty pieces extending to in excess of two hours of material.

From the five track EP Quietus – the second Elysium.

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Based in Massachusetts in the USA is the electronic-amnesia solo project Cyberwave.

Cyberwave - electronic-amnesia from the USA


Established over a decade ago with sporadic releases, though each of the five records are extensive LPs. After a three year gap earlier this year a new album surfaced with vague ideas of more to follow in due course, though a different project, Fatal Nostalgia, which I will come back to in due course has taken front stage.

The lightly tinctured tracks sweep around the room captivating the mind as they flow through the subconsciousness and on conclusion replaced by a new surface tension. Having threaded through the material, like a hypnotists clicking their finger – all of what has gone before is forgotten, though the listener knows they have undertaken a journey of intrinsic substance.

It may appear glib to suggest that once heard – it is forgotten – though I ask you to join me in the journey of Cyberwave and you will understand precisely why I think you should, as to partake of the music is to appreciate the mystery of it all and this is material best taken in large quaffs to gain a fleeting insight in to the mastery of the illusion.

From the LP Vacuous Vagery (released in 2013) and available on bandcamp – as are all the LPs – Hauntological Extravaganza.

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