Former Angels – Light Of Day – Video

The Australian heavy-metal band Former Angels, last featured in the New Year Ninety.

Former Angels - Light Of Day

Former Angels

When ever you need to clear your head Former Angels are a band to reach for with their high-impact Rock ‘n’ Roll that will have you enthusiastically joining in and Light Of Day, the B-Side of the two track single Far Away Star is of no exception.

The just over three and three quartet minutes of compressed guitar, exploding percussion and meaty bass merged with banshee vocals leaves the listener wreathed in sweat and looking for the case to put away their air-guitar.

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Former Angels – Far Away Star – Audio

Former Angels is a heavy-metal quartet from Australia.

Former Angels

Former Angels

Sometimes all you need to do is head-bang with a leather jacket festooned in pin badges and life is absolutely as it should be. Former Angels are exactly where you should be reaching.

The ’70s it isn’t and Former Angels are set to release their début single Far Away Star on the 13th of November, not in a blaze of reminiscence as this sounds as fresh as Highway To Hell and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath time-warped.

Of pernicious joy, only a heavy-metal outfit can create an antonym from the synonym, is the refusal of any player to give up the microphone, creating those anthemic chants that the audience just need to deliver more loudly.

The clothes and hair are image consciously freshly laundered, the beards trendily trimmed, you will even catch sight of ‘cool shades man’ – however ignore all that – the music is exactly what is needed.

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