Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs – Fallen – Single Review

The English alt-indie quartet Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs release their début two track single Fallen on the 13th of November.

Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs - Fallen - artwork

Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs – Fallen – artwork

A tentative voice accompanied by quiet guitar sets the opening scene for Fallen, before all the elements drop in together and pulsating chorus pump into the ear, prior to dropping away again and this technique deployed by Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs throughout the track, gives it an impressively powerful and haunting presence.

Fallen bears an immediate repeat to capture the fullest flavour of the piece. The highly charged voice captures the attention, but for me the highlights are the percussion that veers from gentle snare to flighty utilisation of all the kit with no loss of timing, together with the precision of mood changes by all the players that could not be of sharper cut if delivered by a guillotine.

The B Side – Apology, shows a different element to Lucie Barât & The Au Revoirs in a more driven number, that give greater space for the guitars to express the context. As with Fallen, the quartet do introduce significant mood switches, keeping the listener ever attentive.

Of the two, inevitably it is this more gutsy activity that ensures Apology is my pick of the release. A track that finds itself on the release more to do with creating a vinyl version of the single than anything else .


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UKID – Fallen – Video

UKID release a new video for Fallen.




UKID who I last took a look at almost exactly twelve months ago continue to deliver their take on social and global disconnect through their highly effective hip-hop rock line-up.

A comment I made on my last review was that it sounded a little bit safe and in the intervening period their confidence has developed and that thought no longer applies.

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