Band of the Month – November 2013 – Editors Choice

Another month draws to a close and once again thanks to all the musicians around the world for making everyday a pleasure.

Fake Club - Editors choice - band of the month November 2013.

Fake Club – Editors choice – band of the month November 2013.

From England the quintet who make up Fake Club are the editors choice as band of the month for November. With a new release coming out imminently, I have selected as a showcase of their music, a track from almost a year ago.

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Fake Club

Fake Club is a rock band from London in England comprising Chloe, Carmen, Rosie, Aicha and Aisha.

Fake Club - Rock from England

Photo taken by Kurtz.

With flailing guitars Fake Club make their entrance through the speakers as a statement of intent which is followed up by some roaring tunes. Although only relatively newly on the scene their directness is greatly appreciated by their rapidly expanding fan-base. It was just over a year ago that I was first contacted about the band, sadly at that stage there wasn’t enough music for a full review so they were introduced by video, so it is with some pleasure I am able to get round to a full review.

It is always difficult to identify exactly what makes one band sound so much stronger than another and for each person that is different and in the main a purely subjective decision, for me it is a certain rawness giving me a sense of sincerity and Fake Club revel in raw power, so how could I not be smitten. Sure they can take it back to a more melodic construct, though even here there is a rough scrub to the sound. Their self belief and confidence enables the quintet to attack the music with passion and that is precisely what is needed to function effectively as an edgy rock band.

After listening to a number of tracks I find myself surrounded by a phalanx of of percussion, vocal and guitars and that is a flanking movement in which I am happy to spend much time. I look forward to hearing much more of Fake Club.


Bullet Brain – Single – Fake Club is available on iTunes*.

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