Déjà Vega – Eyes Of Steel – Video

The English psychedelic-rock trio Déjà Vega are busy creating new songs behind the scenes.

Déjà Vega - Eyes Of Steel

Déjà Vega

Although not regularly featured it is always a delight to come back to Déjà Vega who always remind me of a run out with Hawkwind and even more so in the recent track Eyes Of Steel, which was captured as a rough demo in the studio.

The omnipresent percussion sets the scene and the bass picks out a droning mastery that you don’t want to ever end, while the guitar threads twisting echoes and reverb that gives Eyes Of Steel its trippy presence as the vocal lays as part of the weave of the music becoming part of the fabric and not a spotlight on which to focus.

Alongside this song are another two new compositions – I wonder if this signals a new release waiting in the wings. I will keep you up to date with news as and when possible.

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