Can Can Heads – Mies tulee mies menee – Audio

I find it hard to believe that is the best part of three years since the iconic Finnish experimental outfit Can Can Heads last featured.

Can Can Heads - Mies tulee mies menee

Can Can Heads

In their inimitable style unless you can find the cached file of Monorural Recordings, their eleven track album which came out earlier in the month – as I type – it has already gone – though it may well be that it will surface again soonish – and judging by where it was originally, albeit briefly, available – I think keeping an eye out on their bandcamp account may prove helpful.

Making a welcome return nonetheless – the fourth song – Mies tulee mies menee – I have however been able to trace.

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Pete Um – perps – Audio

It was back in 2010 that the English experimental Pete Um was first introduced.

Pete Um - perps

Pete Um

A slew of songs have surfaced recently, each reflective of the abstract angles from which Pet Um creates the music which reflects of the quirks of life.

Some are more straightforward to navigate than others, one of of these being perps.

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Demian Castellanos – Ether – Video

The English experimental musician Demian Castellanos released the single Ether today.

Demian Castellanos

Demian Castellanos

Best not to be in a hurry before hitting play as the combinations of twelve string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, effects pedals and a 4 track tascam – drift through the room in hypnotic merges of transmutative sounds, lasting approximately half and hour.

Regular readers may well recall the name Demian Castellanos from the band The Oscillation where he still remains – with his solo work appearing sparsely.

A release which is also available on Vinyl through bandcamp.

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Summon The Octopi

Summon The Octopi is the experimental musician Marc Vogler from Berlin in Germany.

Summon The Octopi - Experimentalism from Germany

Summon The Octopi

For those of longer memory and a passing interest in football, you will recall the Octopus ‘Paul’ in Oberhausen who predicted World Cup results throughout the 2010 championships and here we find the roots of Summon The Octopi, not only in name derivation, but a smartly played allegory as Marc delves one hand after the other into the music box and finds strands which hang, like seaweed drifting in the tides, in obtuse angles of mesmeric curls.

Drifting between undertows of powerful current lay lighter streams, as, Summon The Octopi keeps the mind engaged with an ever shifting seascape of conflicting instrumentation. Yet… inside all of the confabulation lays a seam of continuity and it is well worth setting time aside to investigate.

Reflectivity of ’70s rock anthems coexist with the chaos of three chord wonders and interspersing sit nuances of folk, giving Summon The Octopi the ability to turn the mind inside out -akin to taking off a protective glove.

This is music to take in large draughts as the more you explore, the more you will be enthralled.

social media page

Nonversations – EP – Summon the Octopi is available on iTunes.*

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Isvisible from Douglas in the Isle Of Man is an experimental-drone solo project.



Before hitting play ensure you have plenty of time to listen to Isvisible. A prolific creator of experimental electronica with seventeen LPs, encompassing one hundred and thirty two compositions and – released this month – a ten track retrospective, all from a standing start in April of last year.

The sounds bend their way around the head in loops and divergences which entrance the mind as tempo and temperament shifts throughout the pieces, which can extend from around the three minute mark to well in excess of ten.

Although the compositions are testing new waters, there is a calmness to the sounds which makes for tracks which have a surprising semanticity, despite being bereft of vocal.

It would be possible to write far more, but it is best heard to appreciate the spacious kaleidoscope that is Isvisible.


The retrospective is available on bandcamp.

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