Fjerstad – Banging The Guixian Tam-Tam – Audio

The experimental electronica musician Chad Fjersta from Los Angeles (USA) who performs as Fjerstad will be releasing the LP 8​-​Circuit Neurorgasmic Trigger on the 11th.


The ten track album (available on bandcamp) opens with the five and a half minutes of Banging The Guixian Tam-Tam – which is a luxurious glitched dubstep that fills the room with mesmerising, trance inducing voices-off and melting threads of silky electronica tethered by loping bass cuts that rumble through the speakers like beetles swarming in damp, rotting wood deep inside a pine forest.

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Lunar Lemur – Motives Have A Neurophysiological Fingerprint – Audio

The Canadian experimental-electronica creator Lunar Lemur releases the LP Gas Sculptures in August.

Lunar Lemur

Lunar Lemur

With a prolific output, on the back of the twenty track album Meat Blob Groove Machine (available on bandcamp) which came out less than a month ago, Motives Have a Neurophysiological Fingerprint is from the forthcoming LP.

An almost eight and two thirds minutes of distorted and disturbing scratchy drone.

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Spyke, The Boy – New – Audio

The Brazilian experimental-electronica creator Vicente Saraiva who performs under the name Spyke, The Boy released the LP TILASIM on the 29th of March.

Spyke, The Boy

Spyke, The Boy

It is when you meet musical suggestions such as this that it will remind you why you read the site with a sense of anticipation or remind you why you often find it far more obscure than you recall last time visited.

The sixth track of the seven on TILASIMNew – is a just over six and three quarter minutes of isolated pulse that skips through the ears akin to the visual display of an ICU monitor as it traces arrhythmia.

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Salo Sion – Magazine Cartoons – Single Review

Salo Sion is a US experimental-electronica creator.

Salo Sion

Salo Sion

Within the past eighteen hours the latest track Magazine Cartoons was made available.

Cast aside all preconceptions of musical construct before hitting play as the three and a third minutes track doesn’t extend a folding embrace, rather, an elliptical contortion.

No sooner has the track started than there is six seconds of silence prior to the sounds returning in an ensuing fragmentation akin to spliced reel cinematographic playback with deleted segments and misaligned spooling perforations.

Magazine Cartoons, a track I recommend you get to know, will either have you quickly shutting it down or remaining engrossed – I sincerely hope it will be the latter.

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Haunted Disco

Haunted Disco from Little Rock in the USA is the electronic experimental music vehicle for Matthew McMurry.

Haunted Disco - experimental electronica from the USA

Haunted Disco – experimental electronica from the USA

The aural tapestry that emerges into the room by Haunted Disco is flecked with a mix of influences and although the constructs flail towards the outer edges of the envelope, there remains a recognizable direction of travel and ready accessibility. McMurry generates an ethereal feeling, which allows the listener to alight on the carpet of sounds and drift with compositions.

The pieces float around the room as though layers of smoke and the tracks are allowed to slowly build to their pitch, prior to extending their reach and it is the almost ambient nature of the resulting out-put which give the material its easy digestibility.

Haunted Disco is a sound to take out on an extended session and let the mind travel on the journey, rather than slicing into small chunks.

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