Leaf House

Leaf House from Liège in Belgium is the existential indie rock quintet of Romain Cupper (Vocals / Guitar / Effects), Antoine Pirard (Synth / Drums), Ben Dubru (Bass / Percussion / Effects), Stéphane Rondia (Guitar / Synth) and Thibaut Gorissen (Drums / Pads).

Leaf House - Existential Indie from Belgium

Leaf House

Fusing electronics and instrumentation Leaf House come-up with an intriguing distillation of Madchester, to regurgitate a sound which sits perfectly in the ’10s with swarming tentacles of probing speculation, yanked back on track with a firm pull on the leash. Experimental yet attainable without sending the brain into a loop of internal de-fibrillation the quintet offer a semblance of the cognisant to flow around the cortex.

Meandering around the room the notes rebound one off the other into a conveyor belt of intricacy. Elements disappear from earshot to reform themselves in a tangential parameter as the sounds imperiously fragment and reformulate like a table magician with the sleights of hand and the more the deft shuffles occur the more fantastical the progressions become.

Leaf House deliver a sound which demands of attention, but like the best of the Seiðr, it is the ease with which the transitions are played out in-front of the mind, that confound and fascinate, which finds the very transformations so very easy on the mind and marks the quintet as something to add any-day you can’t find a cryptic crossword puzzle, but just want to test your head. What sublime sorcery – thank you Leaf House.

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Lleeaaffhhoouussee – Leaf house is available on iTunes*.

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