Future Myth – Evergreen – Audio

It has been a couple of years since the US indie-gaze quartet Future Myth last featured.

Future Myth - Evergreen

Future Myth

The newest song to surface – Evergreen – finds the band in a more punchy mood with the listener finding themselves swaying to the uptempo soundtrack that is juxtaposed to the lyric of the travails of friendships.

Evergreen – Single – Future Myth is available on iTunes.*

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Approaching Black & White – Evergreen – Single Review

Approaching Black & White is an alternative rock trio from the USA.

Approaching Black & White

Approaching Black & White

There are only three tracks around, for those of us who haven’t had the chance to see them play live,  the latest of which being Evergreen (available on bandcamp), my apologies for getting to this a little late as it has been sitting in my email inbox for a few weeks now.

The slightly emo tinged, just under two and a half minutes, track has an underbelly of sadness, which they are able to evoke through a rising and falling beat, giving Evergreen a feeling of organic flow in which the listener remains attendant.

Approaching Black & White is a trio I look forward to hearing more of in short order.

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Galants – Evergreen – Audio

The Irish gaze-rock quartet Galants are working toward the release of their début EP.



Three singles over the past year have served as a reference point to the music in which their layered fuzzed guitar is a feature of the sound.

From the forthcoming EP – Evergreen finds similarity to what has gone previously, though with a more forceful bass / percussion combination which gives the music a more nuanced style inviting the listener to drift in and out of focus with the underlying textures and the gauzy vocal giving the track an intriguing fulcrum around which it all pivots leaving the audience with the sense that they are given privy to a personalised performance.

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