Everafter – Over You Tonight – Video

The English rock trio Everafter revealed the track Over You Tonight on the 11th.

Everafter - Over You Tonight


Continuing with their tendency to create a slightly new sound with each track – Over You Tonight – takes the listener to ’70s brit-rock with a heavy drum-kit rumbling through the song and sharply struck guitar switching spotlight with a slowly pedalled bass-line as the gravelled vocal gives the composition its essential earthy ragged edges.

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Everafter – Dancing in the Rain – Video

The English alt-rock trio Everafter are due to release the single Dancing in the Rain imminently.

Everafter - Dancing in the Rain


In the approaching three years since Everafter were first introduced Dancing In The Rain is the most heavy-metal steeped track they have revealed and a fine job of it they do too as they continue to provide the listener with alternative ideas with each song they launch.

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Everafter – Last Boat To St Helena – Audio

The flip side to the AA side single by the English indie-rock trio Everafter was featured earlier this year prior to its release.

Everafter - Last Boat To St Helena


Everafter have appeared on the site fairly frequently over the past couple of years, Last Boat To St Helena is the first ballad I have featured and evidences their rising confidence as they explore something very different to their normal style and deliver it with considerable self-assurance.

Word arrives that they are putting together tracks for a new LP and whilst I do always enjoy their more punchy sounds, I do hope they are able to express this more considered style in one of two of the tracks on the planned release.

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Everafter – On The Eventful Road – Audio

The English indie-rock trio Everafter are due to imminently release the two track single On The Eventful Road in support of cancer research.

Everafter - On The Eventful Road -artwork

Everafter – On The Eventful Road -artwork

First introduced back in 2014, it is almost a year since their music last featured, only due to missed timings – sadly, not withstanding I am delighted to have permission to share a track from the release in advance of it surfacing for general release.

Everafter are always able to take ideas and put a new spin on them and the recognizable refrain of Do They Know Its Christmas? in On The Eventful Road does not detract from the originality of the track. What is of far greater surprise and intrigue is the way they have been able afford wider space to explore their abilities as musicians and they acquit themselves with aplomb.

With the more measured pacing of On The Eventual Road and the B Side – Last Boat To St. Helena, Everafter demand more of themselves than they have previously and I look forward to their future directions of travel as this single certainly raises expectations.

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Everafter – Everything Is One – Video

It was back in the middle of last year that the indie-rock band Everafter first featured.

Everafter - Everything Is One - artwork

Everafter – Everything Is One – artwork

The title of their twelve track LP – which is the eighth Everything Is One was recently captured in live performance.

Before you start doing as I did – heading off to Rainbow and Since You’ve Been Gone – this is not a pastiche, nor a copy, merely a half shared chord progression…

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