The Jones Rival

The Jones Rival from Sydney in Australia is the garage rock line-up of Adam (Vocals / Guitar), Evan (Guitar), Shaun (Drums) and Lanky (Bass / Vocals).

The Jones Rival - Garage Rock from Australia

The Jones Rival

After a brief introduction via a video in October it is about time I got round to a full review of The Jones Rival.

My advice, turn up the volume as this is music which is best digested loudly. Whilst loosely garage rock, the band play with shoegaze influences, to provide tracks which reverberate around the room, bouncing from wall to wall before coalescing centre stage in a continuum of sounds.

Considered phrases thread their way round the room, filling the audience with music arriving from all directions, yet inside the brain it settles to a mesmeric focus. The shimmering sounds develop intensity whilst another refrain emerges from the speakers, but simultaneously the sounds are absorbed by the ears as-though being applied by a soft sponge, resulting in a slightly psychedelic feel.

There is little for the listener to do, other than open the ears and wallow in the compositions that The Jones Rival extend.

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