Dramas – Libra – Audio

The Austrian etherealwave duo Dramas will be releasing the three track single Libra on the 1st of June with a release show on the 5th at Fluc und Fluc Wanne in Vienna.

Dramas - photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Dramas – photo © Patricia Weisskirchner

Unlike the band name the first song to appear from what is their début single (available on bandcamp), which is the title track and first of the three, Libra is not full of dramas – though it is most certainly dramatic in architecture.

There is a weightlessness to the vocal which counterbalances the more forceful pianoforte generating a song which entices the listener to cloak themselves in the dreamy spirals of unhurried synthesis which drift through the ears. The hypnotic vocal captivates the mind with its unassuming beauty as the piano forms a beguiling melancholia in a cohesion of elements which the audience merely wishes on its conclusion, almost four and a half minutes later, continued to linger longer.


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la lune – barcelona – Audio

The English ethereal-wave project la lune is anticipating the début EP early next year.

la lune

la lune

An instinctively able musician who is able to layer the compositions in hazy drifts of electronica whilst leaving space for the haunting vocal to shimmer through voile in to the ears and I look forward to hearing much more over the coming years.

The most recent track to be revealed – barcelona will also be on the EP.

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Tusks – Dissolve – Audio

The English ethereal-wave creator Tusks releases the LP Dissolve on the 13th of October.



The title track seems to appear from the further reaches of another dimension as the luxurious thick pile of reveberating layering calmly drifts in to the ear, through which the spectral vocal graciously floats akin to a feather drifting on a light breeze.


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Mt. Wolf – Bohemia – Audio

The English ethereal-wave trio Mt. Wolf released their début LP Aetherlight on the 25th of May.

Mt. Wolf - Bohemia

Mt. Wolf

Having steadily built up their live audience which they have supported with various EPs and singles over the years Mt. Wolf felt now was the time to release a fuller collection of songs, resulting in the bakers dozen track release of Aetherlight. An absorbing just over an hour of music which would not sound out of place as the soundtrack on a never ending journey in to the furthest reaches of the universe as the tempered, yet equally soaring, songs mesmerise in their celestial chorale.

The fifth composition is Bohemia.

Aetherlight is available on Amazon.*

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