Moon Panda – Soft Skeleton – Video

The England based ethereal-rock outfit Moon Panda will be releasing the EP Pastel Pool on the 10th of August.

Moon Panda - photo credit - Iona Taberham

Moon Panda – photo credit – Iona Taberham

The first song to be revealed from the EP has surfaced as a live performance of Soft Skeleton, a track that melts in to the limbic system.

Each time Moon Panda have featured there has been something different about the set-up. Initially a US based duo in 2016, an England based duo last year, now a trio, though still based in England – the consistency has always been the quality of the output and its dreamy demeanour which gently flows around the listener.

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Hawk – Ghosts – Audio

The English ethereal-rock outfit Hawk were introduced earlier in the year.

Hawk - She Knows - artwork

Hawk – She Knows – artwork

The closing track of the five on the EP – She Knows -, which was released on the 17th, Ghosts is a spellbinding just over four minute composition that drifts around the room in gracious layers which wrap the listener in immersive instrumentation whilst the mesmeric vocal enthrals.

She Knows – EP is available on Amazon.*

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OfeliaDorme – Alone With The Stars – Video

The Italian ethereal-rock trio OfeliaDorme will be releasing the LP Secret Fires on the 17th of March.

OfeliaDorme - Secret Fires - artwork

OfeliaDorme – Secret Fires – artwork

A band who first featured well over seven years ago still retain their mysterious soundtrack and despite having one fewer players seem to have become ever darker over the years as their output coats the listener in its spectral translucence.

From the forthcoming album, the first of the eight tracks, Alone With The Stars is best engaged in a shrouding crematorium early morning fog as the ghostly four and a half minutes of mesmerising soundscape spins its gossamer threads around the audience.

Secret Fires – Ofeliadorme is available on iTunes.*

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*Purchases made through the iTunes link will result in Emerging Indie Bands earning a commission.

Lasă Copilu – Lasă – Audio

The Germany based ethereal rock quartet Lasă Copilu released the LP Glowcore towards the end of last month.

Lasă Copilu

Lasă Copilu

The quartet all from different countries met in the creative hotspot of Berlin, Germany, in 2014 and joined forces to deliver music which has an hypnotic grace that mesmerises the audience in its ambient glow.

Combinations of electronics, instrumentation and voices melt in to each other to reveal music in which the listener becomes as one with the sounds. Tracks which each have slightly different nuances and are not all sung in the same language, affords the just under fifty minutes of Glowcore (available on bandcamp) a mysterious beauty. Of the running time, the closer, Factory Man accounts for heading on towards twenty six minutes.

Always keen to explore the slightly different – my selection from the album is the second track Lasă which features – even getting short solo-break – a wine-glass.

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The Controversy – These Crawling Dark Feelings – Video

The Controversy is a US ethereal-rock band who have featured regularly since 2013.

The Controversy - These Crawling Dark Feelings

The Controversy

Their newest track These Crawling Dark Feelings was first made available through a stripped back live recording.

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