Eric Frisch – Got A Feeling – Audio

The US softbrush creator Eric Frisch released the single Got A Feeling on the 30th of May.

Eric Frisch - Got a Feeling

Eric Frisch

The gentle rustling of the harmonies drift in to the room barley disturbing the pressure waves, yet able to sweep up the listener in its inviting eddies of gentle vocal, percussion and acoustic guitar as assuredly as a force ten hurricane.

Got a Feeling – Single – Eric Frisch is available on iTunes.*

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Eric Frisch – In the Morning Light – Audio

The US melancholic-indie creator Eric Frisch will be releasing the LP Up and At Them in short order.

Eric Frisch

Eric Frisch

From the forthcoming album In the Morning Light mournfully strolls around the room, creating damp eye wherever it travels, as the weighted instrumentation and leisurely paced vocal evocatively developing a sadness that takes over the audience’s mind.

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