Birthrite is Erazamus Voss (Vocals), Jonny Zygen (Guitar), Mark Thinsliced (Bass) and Dek La Plombier (Percussion) an alternative indie band from Tipton in England.

Birthrite - alt indie from England


A delightful combination of New Romanticism, Funk and Steampunk floats its way into the ears as Birthrite deliver sounds that contain depth and clarity all wrapped up in one go. If you are of my vintage, think Black Arabs on Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle and you will get the gist, though that isn’t to say it is all retrospective and for those who haven’t got a clue what I am referencing in that last bit and don’t fancy doing a search – The darker edges of the music are given a spit and polish with an up-tempo lift that gives the material a lighter quality delivered complete with wry smile.

I happily find myself bouncing around the room and returning back to the keyboard for a few words of text whilst my mind is entranced by the core focus of the out-put which has a sardonic and incisive reflective. The combinations delivering sounds that are pure enjoyment on many levels.

It is through the very disparity of the influences that Birthrite are able to offer compositions which raises them well above the parapet, though sadly I feel, as with many of the best bands playing now, they will remain sidelined from the far broader audience they deserve.


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